One of South Africa’s biggest banks warns of South Africans’ poor financial health

A long time since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, a variety of lockdowns and interruptions in different structures brought about incredibly unpredictable spending conduct from buyers, says Isana Cordier, head of shopper labor and products area inclusion at Absa.

Cordier expressed that while the truth of employment misfortunes and monetary tension on buyers was expected, Absa battled to see proof of this in its dealer spending and card giving information. Nonetheless, designs are currently beginning to arise.

“Taking a gander at portability information explicitly, we can see an unmistakable pattern beginning to arise. It is apparent from this information source that the general retail footfall to shopping centers has been on a descending pattern for the beyond a long time since January 2020, while online retail search has settled since the underlying increment saw, but at a more elevated level than at the beginning of the pandemic.”

Information from Absa’s Merchant Spend Analytics up to March 2022 recounts an account of a purchaser that was holding firm, with expanded spending in classifications in all cases since lockdowns facilitated, the buyer master said.

“Nonetheless, we perceive the hole in the information is the money exchanging the framework, and that money is more challenging to follow, remembering that South Africa has a huge money economy.

“In our Absa Cash Collection business, we have anyway recognized a comparative pattern to that saw in the versatility information, showing a decrease in real money volumes handled, bringing about a potential advance notice sign relating to the buyer’s monetary wellbeing.

Also, during the period of April Absa got on regrettable development in its dealer spending information in certain classes including food, “raising a further banner to our anxiety,” said Cordier.

“The information, albeit still exceptionally restricted, could recommend that monetary tension on purchasers is mounting. Further strain as far as the fuel cost climbs and the expense pressure working in the stock chains thus, surely arranges a somber picture on purchaser wellbeing and monetary standpoint for South Africa.”

Absa said that South Africa’s recuperation from the effect of lockdowns seems as though it very well may be a troublesome one for most of buyers, particularly due to the accumulating impact of the loan cost climbs as well as the rising fuel and energy costs.

“In summary, it seems the chicken has come home to roost,” said Cordier.

The table below shows the total percentage change in spend per category. This is derived from our Merchant Spend Data:


YTD April2020-20212021-2022CAGRFull Year (2020-2021)
Games and Gaming644%109%294%432%
Fast Food54%19%35%46%
Electronics and Computers65%7%33%23%
Building and Hardware61%0%27%20%
Home and Garden70%-5%27%21%
Stationary and Office Furniture42%11%26%25%
Grocery Stores and Supermarkets4%0%2%4%
Health and Beauty7%-2%2%12%

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