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UK Lunchtime Banker For Today 24 October 2022

Lunchtime latest Result and Hot Banker

Are you searching for latest draw of lunchtime for today, must read this blog. Check UK Lunchtime Banker For Today 24 October 2022. Lunchtime banker is the best website for UK49’s updates. you can check lunchtime result, lunchtime hot banker, lunchtime bonus prediction, lunchtime 3 hot numbers,  and UK49s 100 Predictions.

The Lunchtime Result Today waiting for your attention.

Most welcome our host from South Africa and United Kingdom. Thanks for visiting our site simply take a look below and check The Lunchtime Result Today. UK49s is the most famous game you can say that lottery in the whole world, which is absolutely different from any other games playing in any country or worldwide. In UK49s lottery game players doesn’t face rules and regulation or any restriction. In this game its up to you that how you want to play because of its peculiar manner.

UK Lunchtime Banker For Today

It is Great news for the players that tow UK49s results are drawn on daily basis. In this way you can try your luck twice a day to participate in both draws. The Best Lunchtime Result Today and teatime latest results are computing here in this site, the 1st result published at 12:49 pm It is known as lunchtime. UK Lunchtime Banker For Today.

4, 22, 27, 29, 36, 37 Booster: 26 12:49pm (UK time)

Lunchtime 3 Hot Numbers For Today

UK 49’s Lunchtime Latest Results 2022

DateWinning NumbersBonus Balls + Colours
SUN 10/23/2207-18-25-27-28-3244
SAT 10/22/2210-14-18-21-41-4320
FRI 10/21/2204-23-26-34-41-4315
THU 10/20/2202-07-13-25-34-4519
WED 10/19/2215-27-31-37-38-4203
TUE 10/18/2216-21-35-40-47-4806
MON 10/17/2206-18-19-22-30-3921
SUN 10/16/2202-10-37-41-44-4826
SAT 10/15/2203-04-08-11-22-4812
FRI 10/14/2205-18-36-37-39-4738
THU 10/13/2207-17-25-36-38-4515
WED 10/12/2205-08-16-22-26-3304
TUE 10/11/2212-17-19-23-34-4132
MON 10/10/2208-22-28-35-48-4903
SUN 10/09/2201-02-18-20-27-4931
SAT 10/08/2205-15-22-27-28-4338
FRI 10/07/2202-08-17-24-45-4842
THU 10/06/2201-03-06-23-29-3707
WED 10/05/2208-10-12-34-38-4614
TUE 10/04/2204-06-23-27-29-3905
MON 10/03/2214-20-25-30-41-4449
SUN 10/02/2208-12-15-28-31-3720
SAT 10/01/2205-06-07-08-26-4604
FRI 09/30/2217-18-20-26-34-3749
THU 09/29/2201-10-28-29-40-4335
WED 09/28/2204-07-14-23-43-4748
TUE 09/27/2214-17-28-33-35-4131
MON 09/26/2207-10-18-45-46-4822
SUN 09/25/2210-14-22-23-37-4615
SAT 09/24/2218-19-28-34-43-4835

Winning UK 49s lunchtime lottery : How To Guide

You are to select a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 5 numbers and decide whether to include “Bonus” in your bet. If all the numbers you select appear in the draw then you are definitely a winner. Amount won always depends on your bet and the numbers you bet on. Remember to choose numbers with better odds. Use our UK 49s prediction page and other 49s tools provided on this website to increase your chances of winning. Checkout our 49s Lottery Chart, 49s Odds/Statistics Tool, 49s Personal Numbers Tool. Also joining a Syndicate will increase your chances of winning lottery jackpots and the more you play the better your chances.

What is a banker? A banker is 1 sure number that you use in all your pairs. 12 Shares. Lunchtime & Teatime Results. If your banker is 31 you pair like this.

How do you win 49 bonus ball UK?

Choose 1 number between 1-49. If your chosen number is drawn as the Bonus Ball, you are a winner!
How do I become a sure banker?

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