What is Mobdro apk?


The Mobdro  Apk allows users to stream TV online. By connecting to it or changing the settings on our smartphone or tablet, we can watch TV channels and watch video streams. We’re not talking about streaming television like Netflix or HBO, which allow the viewer to choose what and when to watch. In this case, the user will be able to see a list of already broadcast channels so he will have very limited choices. It’s an app that aims to modernize the concept of classic TV. We can then view programs aired on a list of channels at that precise moment.

It is accessible by means of the home website’s categories and a manual search tool.

We can find all sorts of content in twelve categories, specializing in sports, movies, serials, technology, video games, and animals. Although free access is available, they don’t necessarily mean that they are legal because the signal may have been pirated.

Mobdro Apk Features

Mobdro Apk offers a wide range of great features and functions that separate the app from other streaming software.

The top features include:

  • You can access more than 100 TV channels, in all 12 categories, with Mobdro tv.
  • Mobdro Apk has fewer ads than other streaming services. With the premium version, it’s ad-free.
  • Content can be downloaded on Mobdro Apk while offline.
  • Support – Technical support is available on Mobdro Apk for free.
  • Easy Search & Saving – Videos on Mobdro Apk can be sorted by topic and language. You can bookmark videos as well.


The following are the main categories available:

  • Channels: A comprehensive listing of TV channels available on the app.
  • News: we have all kinds of information and bulletins here.
  • Series: TV channels broadcasting TV series over the Internet.
  • Movies: full-length movies aired every day.
  • Sport: this includes football matches, basketball games, tennis matches, and golf games.
  • Music: with channels like MTV or VH1 throwing in a bunch of different stuff.
  • Video Games: information on the world of videogames.
  • Pets: pet videos: live cams in the aquariums and zoo…
  • Technology: video and programming like that.
  • Podcast: you can find all kinds of radio programs here.
  • Spiritual: religious contents.
  • Others: a category that encompasses all the uncategorizable channels.


Mobdro Apk has two possible configurations: the Freemium or free version, and the premium or paid version. We can download contents to play them offline by recording them beforehand with the subscription model as well as use Chromecast to send the signal to a television set.

Each of the channels on the app is selected by the editors based on different criteria, and users may locate them by way of the categorization above or by means of the search engine in the app. Like traditional TV, it operates in a similar way, with programs air at set times.


Pros and Cons

Modbro’s biggest benefit is the ability to stream any online video.

This means Mobdro Apk has the biggest database on the market.

Though you can still access the streams on the web, you don’t need an active Internet connection. Content can be downloaded for offline viewing from the web.

You can adjust your video resolution, similar to other streaming services.

It is easy to learn and use, and installation of the app takes just a few moments.

Of course, using Mobdro Apk has some downsides.

It is only available for Android and Android TV, which cannot be installed on an iOS device.

Furthermore, it includes some copyrighted content, which could potentially result in legal issues.

Also, the free version of Mobdro Apk will come with ads

Updated: July 18, 2021 — 6:41 am

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